Getting My Car Cleaner

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Getting My Car Cleaner

With kids, it's hard to keep anything clean, especially your car. As a parent, you're constantly trying to keep them calm and content in the car, offering everything from sticky fruit snacks to milk bottles in the backseat just to keep them happy during the ride. Unfortunately, sometimes this can backfire, lending to weeks of unpleasant smells emanating from the back seat. This blog is all about the importance of getting your car professionally detailed, and what might happen if you decide to try it on your own. Parenting is hard, but getting your car clean after your kids have destroyed it might be harder.


Selecting the Best Color Finish for Your New Car

When purchasing a new car, many people spend a great deal of time deciding between the various colors available. However, rather than considering the ramifications this color choice will have on the care and maintenance of the car's finish, most people only worry about picking out the most eye-popping color. This is a mistake that often leads to significant headaches down the road. Some car colors are easier to maintain than others are. Read More