Getting My Car Cleaner

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Getting My Car Cleaner

With kids, it's hard to keep anything clean, especially your car. As a parent, you're constantly trying to keep them calm and content in the car, offering everything from sticky fruit snacks to milk bottles in the backseat just to keep them happy during the ride. Unfortunately, sometimes this can backfire, lending to weeks of unpleasant smells emanating from the back seat. This blog is all about the importance of getting your car professionally detailed, and what might happen if you decide to try it on your own. Parenting is hard, but getting your car clean after your kids have destroyed it might be harder.


Keeping Your Vehicle’s Leather Interior In Great Condition

If you just purchased a new vehicle with leather seats, you will most likely enjoy sinking into one each time you drive or take a ride as a passenger. In addition to the comfort your leather interior provides, it is also a desirable medium in making a vehicle appear luxurious. It is important to take the time to care for leather properly so its appearance remains aesthetically pleasing for years to come. Proper care will also ensure the leather does not deteriorate prematurely. Read More 

3 Ways To Keep Your Car’s New Paint Job Pristine

You may have had your car painted to cover up old chips and rust spots, or simply because you wanted your car to sport a snazzy color. In either case, protecting your car's finish will help its color to appear more vibrant for longer. While rain and snow will naturally wash away most dirt and debris, there are extra steps you must take to keep your car's paint finish looking beautiful. Read More