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Getting My Car Cleaner

With kids, it's hard to keep anything clean, especially your car. As a parent, you're constantly trying to keep them calm and content in the car, offering everything from sticky fruit snacks to milk bottles in the backseat just to keep them happy during the ride. Unfortunately, sometimes this can backfire, lending to weeks of unpleasant smells emanating from the back seat. This blog is all about the importance of getting your car professionally detailed, and what might happen if you decide to try it on your own. Parenting is hard, but getting your car clean after your kids have destroyed it might be harder.


More Than Mere Looks: 3 Reasons To Invest In Regular Car Washes

A trip to the car wash is something that many people put off. You might think that postponing a quick cleaning for your car is no big deal, but overlooking regular car detailing could be detrimental to the health and performance of your vehicle.

Educating yourself on the benefits of a good car detailing will help you see why you should make car wash services a top priority when it comes to maintaining your car in the future.

1. Car washes remove dirt and debris.

Your car's exterior collects a lot of dirt and debris while you are driving down the road. This road grime can do more than dull the appearance of your car, it can actually compromise the structural stability of your vehicle.

Dirt particles are abrasive. If they are allowed to sit on the surface of your car, they can wear away the protective paint that covers the sheet metal used to form the structure of your car. Exposed sheet metal is susceptible to corrosion, which can weaken the frame of your vehicle.

Washing your car regularly eliminates paint-damaging dirt and helps to ensure your vehicle remains sound.

2. Car detailing can protect your vehicle from UV rays.

Many cars are exposed to the UV rays produced by the sun throughout the day. These UV rays can be damaging to the exterior of your vehicle. When UV rays penetrate the clear protective coat applied over your vehicle's paint, the paint can begin to break down.

The negative effects of UV exposure can be minimized by keeping a layer of wax over your car's surface. Wax is applied after a vehicle is washed and dried. Routine professional car washes will ensure that your vehicle is always protected by high-quality wax.

3. Car detailing can prevent salt damage.

Road salt is used in many areas throughout the country to eliminate ice from the surface of public roadways. This road salt can keep you safe, but it can also wreak havoc on the exterior of your car.

The same wax that can protect your vehicle against UV radiation can provide a barrier between the outside of your car and road salt. This is the reason that it's important to invest in regular car washes and detailing, even during the colder winter months.

Having your car professionally washed at regular intervals over the life of the vehicle can help you keep your car structurally sound and looking its best.